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Less is often better, especially when it’s less costs, less energy usage, or less maintenance. That’s why we work hard to offer our customers sustainable lighting solutions that minimize costs and energy usage, often with the added benefit of having a smaller environmental impact.

Building off of our past experience in lighting design, our team will utilize quality tools, such as photometric layouts and thermal imaging to find ways to reduce energy consumption and costs while still meeting your design requirements. We’ve also found that a good lighting sustainability plan that includes energy-efficient lighting can lead to other benefits as well, such as federal tax deductions and utility rebates, depending on the application.

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Retrofit solutions are one of the ways that we offer lighting sustainability to our customers. As LED products have grown in popularity and usage, we’ve developed ways to install LED products into the existing housing of legacy lighting products. This strategy allows us to minimize labor costs, since these retrofit products are designed to be “plug and play”–in other words, we can plug them right into existing structures and the lights are ready for use.

For example, in a ceiling grid application, retrofits can be used to install new LED products without having to do any wiring above the drop ceiling. Or in industrial strip fixtures, an integral LED cover can be installed over the channel holding the existing fluorescent tubes without needing any tools. In both of these cases, labor costs and installation times were greatly reduced, compared to installing an entirely new system. And the end result was lighting sustainability that is as well-planned as a brand new system. 

We have successfully implemented retrofit solutions in other areas as well! In applications, like wall sconces or low bay fixtures, we can often remove the ballast and replace it with an LED board in a manner that keeps the same reflector or lens cover. Not only does this preserve the lighting’s aesthetic look, we can use these strategies to keep costs down and improve overall lighting sustainability. 

Another benefit of retrofit or other sustainable solutions is that most of them are eligible for rebates, just like any other new light fixture. We’ll handle all of these incentives and more just as we’d do with any other lighting project.

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