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Project Management & Logistics

At Maxwell, every lighting project has dedicated project managers who work together with your team to ensure that every part of it runs smoothly and efficiently. We take a hands-on approach founded in many years of combined experience in lighting supply, engineering & design, and overseeing the many logistics associated with different lighting projects. Our goal is to provide you with a lighting strategy that meets or exceeds your expectations for both budgetary restraints and aesthetic standards. 

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Lighting projects that are custom-designed

While the locations and applications may be similar, no two lighting projects are the same. We tailor our approach to fit the needs of each project, using our past experience to guide each project according to its designated timeline, budget and unique intricacies. Our project managers can also handle any paperwork, from leases to utility incentives and tax deductions. 

Our lighting project managers have extensive experience. They will assist in the approval process by generating all submittals for review by your architects, engineers, and lighting designers. They will help oversee the project timelines, confirming construction schedules and releasing your order appropriately. Our team will also track all orders and oversee the supply chain to help ensure all orders arrive on time, and continue to work with you throughout installation and completion of the project. 

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Our services don’t end there. If problems should arise, we are still here to help! We handle all warranties as well, keeping everything on file for you to access any time you’d like, and taking care of any warranty issues that may occur. 

Lighting Project Management Services

  • Quantity Take/Offs
  • Photometrics
  • Submittal Returns
  • RFI’s
  • Field Assistance
  • Post-Delivery Assessment
  • Warranty Management

Contact Maxwell Lighting & Energy today to get started

Maxwell is here to be your lighting department. We specialize in everything from project management to lighting and controls supply to engineering and design assistance, and retrofits. We are an experienced, in-house light department that collaborates with our customers throughout the project, with extensive knowledge of many different locations, systems, markets, and applications. To learn more about what we can do for you, or if you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to contact us today.