Lighting Design Services

Cutting Edge Design Tools for the Science of Light

Maxwell Lighting and Energy uses cutting-edge design tools that help us to master the science of lighting, which is another way of saying energy. Utilizing these tools, our experienced team can create lighting solutions for many applications including Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Recreation, Educational, Museums, Auto Dealerships, Residential, Hospitality, Healthcare, Religious, & Municipal.

Using the concept of thermal imaging we can graphically demonstrate the lighting intensity at any given spot in a space. This is critical to be sure that highly detailed task work on a laboratory bench is brightly lit, for example. In contrast, we do not want to waste light on an area of an assembly plant that just has machines doing packaging without much human oversight. Scroll to the right to see the black and white version of this color rendering.

Lighting is actually a complex science, but Maxwell Lighting has the analytical tools to complete highly nuanced photometric layouts that precisely measure the foot-candles of light that hit every spot on a property or interior environment.

Maxwell is a master of using controls to ensure that exactly the correct amount of light is generated, at the precisely when needed. In the two photos below, the first image shows the parking garage whose lighting we designed at 8 pm just after all the cars have left. The second photo shows the same garage at 3 am with the light fixtures dimmed to 20% of light output in a "night light" mode. If someone were to enter the garage at 3 am, motion sensors would trigger the lights to turn on to full light output for 20 minutes.

Client Concerns And Interests Are The Most Important Thing To Us

Engaging with the client on each step will allow us to sort through the jumble and design a solution that aligns with the client’s vision. Lighting solutions develop through an intricate process that involves interactions with Designers, Architects, Specifiers, Manufacturers, Manufacturer’s Rep. Agencies, Contractors, Subcontractors, & Electricians. Maxwell Lighting and Energy will provide all its resources to ensure lighting solutions are completed as seamless as possible.


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