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Lighting & Controls Supply

The most important part of any lighting project is the materials used. Each project is unique in its requirements, from aesthetic appearance to durability to costs. Since our inception, Maxwell has continued to grow our pool of trusted lighting brands across the industry in an effort to ensure that our clients receive the best lighting materials and controls at competitive prices. 

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We at Maxwell call ourselves “manufacturer agnostic”. We know that constraining vendor relationships to a select few may come at an expense to our clients–a risk we’re not willing to take. That’s why we cultivate strong relationships with many different brands and respected manufacturers. Client projects come in all shapes and sizes, and this broad range of vendors enables us to individualize each and every solution. 

In addition, having strong relationships with many different vendors allow us to get all the materials billed by the architects and designers delivered on time without exceeding our customer’s budget. If the specific materials needed have the potential to exceed the client’s budget, we have a range of options that we can offer. Having many different options allow us to eliminate financial burdens while staying true to the vision of the architects. We intend to provide the most cost-effective solutions that ensure long-term stability.

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Maxwell takes several steps to ensure the quality of the layout as well. One of our tools for lighting and design controls is photometric layouts to test our solutions through reliable computer programming, and then offer our clients a free, on-site test in the form of a small-scale mockup of the project. These services test the quality and energy efficiency of the project, allowing us to address any potential issues before they arise.

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Maxwell Lighting & Energy has a simple mission: deliver cost-effective and expert lighting and controls solutions through personal service and professional, quality products. Each of our plans is customer-centric, tailored to your needs while maintaining a foundation in our industry experience. For more information, or if you’re interested in partnering with us, don’t hesitate to contact us today to get started.