Keystone Property Group, GSB Building

Keystone Property Group, GSB Building

Maxwell Lighting & Energy values the well-being of the environment and people dearly. The perk of offering grade-A lighting solutions to clients is that sometimes security and comfortability become the main value from the project. Parking Garages/Lots at night can appear uninviting and dangerous to consumers. Businesses that operate at night may frequently lose customers that feel uncomfortable walking through an area that is dark and suspicious. Well lit areas provide a day time security and a convenience for the customer to and from his/her car. Something as simple as a well lit parking lot/garage may slip away from a list of operational deeds, but eventually the lack of attention leads to an poorly lit area. We provide solutions to implement long lasting, efficient technologies to illuminate these areas to provide safety and security for all. Below features a case study example of a Parking Garage/Lot property benefiting from our light solutions.

Client Issues

The client seeked a lighting solution to update the current system that used 250 Watt Metal Halide Area Light fixtures and specifically fluorescent troffer fixtures were the cars parked. This current system poorly lit the parking area and increased expenses due to the inefficient outdated technology. The client seeked Maxwell Lighting & Energy to provide a solution that provides better lighting and lower expenses. 

Maxwell Solution

Extensive planning and photometric simulations allowed us to formulate the optimal solution for the client. We replaced the old lighting system with 175 Watt LED area lights, 39 Watt LED troffers, and 39 Watt LED Bollards. This new tech was significantly more efficient than the old system and is able to withstand the longevity required to illuminate the area for a long time. Maintenance expenses and the utility bill drastically decreased as this new technology eliminates the excess electrical output. The parking area is now clearly visible with the new lighting and the client received multiple financial incentives. Our team worked directly with the client to find out specific needs and quickly generated a plan worth investing in.

PECO's SMART IDEAS PROGRAM for energy efficiency awarded a $15,900 check to the customer Keystone Property Group for the project.
Maxwell Lighting did all the paperwork and arranged for PECO's inspection in order to secure the rebate.

Project Facts: Lighting Retrofit & Efficiency Upgrade:

Annual Utility Savings52%
Annual Utility Savings$11,215.00
Annual Maintenance Savings$12,787.00
10 Year Operating Savings$240,030.00

Solution: LED.

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