Keystone Property Group, GSB Building

Keystone Property Group, GSB Building's Parking Garage


The client sought a lighting solution to replace a mix of 250 Watt metal halides, and fluorescent vapor tights that were well passed their service life. Not only was the garage dangerous for pedestrians and drivers, but the property owner was wasting several thousand dolalrs per year on bad lighting.....bad lighting that was on all night, even weekends and holidays when there were no vehicles in the garage.

This is the original condition of the garage -


Extensive planning and photometric simulations allowed us to formulate the optimal solution for the client. We replaced the old lighting system with a low profile "UFO" shaped LED fixture that is ceiling mounted in a manner that makes the fixtures virtually impossible to be impacted by vehicles yet are easy to access for any maintenance. The product we selected has uplight and downlight in a 360 degree radius for glare-free, even coverage. Look at this fantastic result!

But wait, here is the best feature of our solution - each light has its own integral motion sensor that employs bi-level lighting. When no motion is detected for 15 minutes, the light automatically dims to 20% output, with the practical effect that it acts as a night light.  It provides basic security lighting without wasting energy (otherwise known as money). But the moment a vehicle or person enters the detection zone of that light, it illuminates to 100% light output. The light it produces is visually comfortable and makes the indivual alert to her or his surroundings.

THE PECO SMART IDEAS PROGRAM for energy efficiency awarded a $15,900 check to the customer Keystone Property Group for the project.
Maxwell Lighting did all the paperwork and arranged for PECO's inspection in order to secure the rebate.

Annual Utility Savings52%
Annual Utility Savings$11,215.00
Annual Maintenance Savings$12,787.00
10 Year Operating Savings$240,030.00

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