The Murano. Office and Residential Tower

Client Issues

The client’s outdated lighting portfolio created an array of issues that could have been avoided. Multifamily properties need very evenly distributed without glare in the common areas; the entryways, lobbies, and corridors are essentially the residents' "front yards". At the same time, common areas are where leasing agents want to have strong "curb appeal" for prospective new tentants. Stairwells need uncompromising life safety lighting. Parking garages must be lit so that everyone feels safe and comfortable, with light fixtures that are convenient to maintain for the property management staff.

Maxwell Solution

Our team did a full sweep of the client’s extant lighting products and created a personalized plan tailored to the status of a high-end condo. We decided to install the latest LED technologies in the lobbies and corridors and use induction lighting in the garage. Immediately, this solution illuminated all the areas to their full potential, while holding the integrity of the building in tact. The client also benefited from savings in the utility bill and maintenance costs.

Annual Utility Savings48%
Annual Utility Savings$10,700.00
Annual Maintenance Savings$6,200.00
10-year Operating Savings$169,00.00