Royal Athena Luxury Apartments

New Construction Multifamily - The Royal Athena Luxury Apartments


Just after the investor signed its bank loan, the construction of 5 other unrelated new apartment buildings was announced in the same area as The Royal Athena - by competing property developers - for this prime sub-market just outside the hip Manayunk section of Philadelphia (off of City Avenue and on the banks of the Schuykill River). The client promptly announced that it was taking scissors to the construction budget to wring out tens of thousands of dollars in cost. Maxwell Lighting & Energy responded by saying "No problem!"  That's because we know manufactuers who can meet the architect's design intent at a much lower cost.


Maxwell Lighting & Energy painstakingly cross-referenced the architect's proposed lighting schedule with products from a handful of factories that we know well. We compared form factors, prices, energy performance, lead times, payment terms, and other factors.  Next we went to the architect for approvals on our substitutes, and he was taken aback with the package we put together. It was 28% less than his original lighting budget. Needless to say, by acting as the owner's advocate and being part of the projcet team from the outset, we were able to provide substantially bring down the construction budget. Did I mention we also secured a generous utility rebate in the process? The first photo seen here is the "money shot" that the leasing agent uses on the front page of the marketing brochure.