Increase Aesthetics, Security and ROI

As a landlord responsible for lighting all common areas on your property, such as hallways, lobbies, laundry rooms and parking lots, you know the costs involved and the effect on your bottom line.


Fortunately LED lamps and fixtures come in all shapes and sizes these days, such that conventional lighting products can be replaced one-for-one with equivalent LEDs that maintain the design intent of the space. Many LED products are retrofit kits that mean you do not have go in to the ceiling, and the light can be changed out in minutes with just a few tool-less tabs, knock-outs, and wire nuts.


If the space in question is undergoing a "gut renovation" or you are performing ground-up new construction, your options are almost endless because of new technologies in affordable and durable tape lighting (often concealed in ways that make the lighting dramatic), specialized optics, dynamic color changing lights, programmable controls, etc.


You can reduce your operating costs, increase your property’s asset value, and meet the demands of tenants for safety, comfort, and environmentally responsible housing. How? By making your multifamily housing properties more energy efficient with LED lighting and controls. And there is an increasing body of science that shows good visual comfort does enhance one's health and well-being.

Effective lighting solutions offer building owners lower energy bills, reduced maintenance costs, lower vacancy and turnover rates, and higher property value overall.

"Next-generation lighting fixtures ranked second-highest overall among multifamily professionals by return on investment." Multifamily Executive magazine


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