"What?!?  You want Maxwell Lighting & Energy to light up a bridge?"

A property developer asked us to help make the Royal Athena luxury apartments shine to passersby on the Schuylkill Expressway, as well as across the river in Manayunk. That included illuminating a bridge in addition to pedestrian walkways and parking areas. Of course, a bridge has many challenges in terms of wind, moisture, mounting methods, durability, vandals, power sources, etc.


Maxwell Lighting & Energy is humble enough to recognize when it lacks some expertise so it added a consultant to the project team specifically for the bridge. A matrix was made containing a dozen string light products that compared the respective products' costs, difficulty in wiring and mounting, warranty policies, performance at other places around the country, etc. This painstaking, methodical approach yielded a fantastic result. We also did the installation, which was on-time and a little under budget.  Scroll down to see additional photos.