La Quinta Inns & Suites

La Quinta Inns & Suites

Maxwell Lighting & Energy provides lighting solutions that offers value specific to the industry. For the hospitality industry, lighting is crucial for safety and comfort for those that inhibit the building. Poor lighting can ruin a business by simply creating a perceived danger. This only adds more problems to the list of high maintenance costs to fix the poor lighting system and increased utility bills from inefficient technology. Our solutions eliminate these burdens and allow clients to focus on their actual business concerns. Below features a case study example of the Hospitality Industry benefiting from our light solutions. 

Client Issues

The client’s current system operated with lighting fixtures that produced excess electrical output and frequent maintenance. They seeked our expertise to create a lighting solution that would increase the quality of lighting in the building and provide a ROI.

Maxwell Solution

After our experienced team analyzed there current system, we were able to produce a solution to meet the clients needs. We converted hundreds of fluorescent corridor components with the most modern LED technologies. This tech provided top notch illumination  for the client, eliminated maintenance burdens and thousands of dollars in savings. Now the client can function without the headache from the old lighting system.

Project Facts: Lighting Retrofit & Efficiency Upgrade:

Annual Utility Savings80%
Annual Utility Savings$23,214
Annual Maintenance Savings$5,000
10 Year Operating Savings$282,140
Utility Rebates$2,500

Solution: LED Lighting and Ambient Fixtures.