Karate Studio AmeriKick


To say that the karate studio was dark and dingy is an understatement; it was depressing that it would suck the life out of any aspiring martial artist. One wodners how many potential students were lost, i.e. new revenue streams, when parents concerned by the studio's poor state of repair decided not to enroll their children!

Almost one-third of the lights hanging from the ceiling were out of service. What the owner did not know was that the ballasts inside the light fixtures were still pulling power despite the fact that the bulbs, or lamps, were dead. In other words, the business owner was paying a couple hundred dollars to the utility each month for lights that did not even work!


The studio owner emphasized that his profit margins were so thin that he often had sleepless nights wondering how he could keep the business going for the long-term. He basically wanted new LED lights for free. We replied "No problem!"

Maxwell Lighting & Energy found an economy value high bay LED with a good warranty, for which it installed two "test fixtures", or samples, so the owner could see what the lighting level woudl look like with that product. The product selected had a diffuse lens so there was no glare, and it spread the light real evenly across the studio. Parents were delighted that they could finally see their children's faces in the photos they took! The icing on the cake was the finanace package we arranged - the customer paid nothing out of pocket. Instead, he is making monthly payments to the finance company by using the monthly energy savings our solution achieved. In five years the installed cost including waste disposal will be paid off, and he will still enjoy many years of good lighting. And most importantly he can proudly show off the studio to an increasing number of new customers, thereby increasing cash flow with that added revenue stream.