J.L. Freed Honda

J.L. Freed Honda

Client Issues

The JL Freed Honda operated with outdated lighting that caused power outages and lighting dead spots. The dealership was spending a tremendous amount on maintenance and electricity to maintain bad lighting that failed to showcase its inventory properly. A specific problem was that - due to antiquated lighting including metal halides and incandescents - the colors of the cars appeared washed out.

Maxwell Solution

Maxwell's solution rendered the colors of the vehicles perfectly without glare, provided ample light from all angles, dropped electricity consumption substantially with carefully considered daylighting and occupancy controls, and eliminated maintenance for at least 5 years.  Bucket truck rentals, dead bulbs and frequent ballast replacements are a thing of the past at JL Freed Honda. The owner was so happy with our work that he subsequently hired us to retrofit his auto bodyshop!

Project Facts: Lighting Retrofit & Efficiency Upgrade with LED Lighting and Occupancy Sensors

Annual Utility Savings60%
Annual Utility Savings$48,919
Annual Maintenance Savings$27,972
10 Year Operating Savings$768,910
PECO Rebates$23,944

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