Touchstone Highbays

Touchstone Highbays


The client’s property operated on outdated high-wattage metal halide fixtures that consumed an excessive amount of energy at a time of rising utility generation rates. After speaking with several lighting firms, Touchstone selected Maxwell Lighting & Energy to come up with a plan that had a rapid ROI, and also eliminated the maintenace hassles of the metal halides.


We used LED high bay fixtures with a broad distribution of light (proven by a photometric study) and motion sensors to optimize lighting usage. Light levels increased by almost half while lighting costs dropped over 90%. The control system is hands free and worry free - the sensors automatically adjust artifical light output in reponse to the availability of natural daylight and human activity on the factory floor.

As shown in the Table below, we hit a financial grand slam for this happy customer.

Annual Utility Savings96%
Annual Utility Savings$16,235
Annual Maintenance Savings$1,026
10 Year Operating Savings$172,610
PECO Rebates$2,762