Jarons Furniture Outlet

Maxwell Lighting & Energy ensures that lighting will not be a detriment to business operations and provide an advantage for the business. In the retail marketplace products must appear aesthetically appealing and provide the function it promises to offer. Poor lighting can diminish product quality by distorting its actual appearance. An investment in our lighting solutions can increase sales by making the product more visually appealing. Below features a case study example of a retail chain benefiting from our light solutions.  

Client Issues

The client’s inefficient system included an abundance of incandescent track lighting and 200 fluorescent 2x4 fixtures. This faulty system produced a dimly lit retail store with high operation costs from the large utility bill. We were asked to produce solutions that would provide lighting to showcase inventory, lower expenses and provide an ROI.

Maxwell Solutions

Using our wide range of services our team worked closely with the client to pinpoint each and every issue. Our plan involved using LED ambient light fixtures and other LED tech in place of all the track heads and fluorescent bulbs. This modern service provided the retail chain with proper lighting in the stores to display all of its inventory. The chain also saw significant utility savings and financial benefits (TABLE 1) that helped increase cash flow for the business. Our solutions fit perfectly with what the client was looking for and will stay in place for years to come. 

Project Facts: Lighting Retrofit & Efficiency Upgrade

Annual Utility Savings81%
Annual Utility Savings$26,115
Annual Maintenance Savings$7,612
10-year Operating Savings$337,270
Utility Rehabs Federal Tax Deduction$14,400

Solution: LED Lighting and Ambient Fixtures.