The Murano. Office and Residential Tower

Maxwell Lighting & Energy creates solutions for a diverse set of areas. For Multifamily clients, lighting stability is needed in common areas, parking garages/lots, lobbies and corridors. When these areas are well- lit a sense of security is created and operations flow better. Providing great lighting for the people associated with the property will reduce many issues. Below is a case study example of a Multifamily client utilizing our lighting solutions to elevate the business.

Client Issues

The client’s current outdated system created an array of issues that could have been avoided. The problems included a high electrical demand, continually increasing HVAC costs and frequent maintenance expenses. All of these problems occured to generate a poor lighting system that left most of the areas dimly lit. We were sought out to fix these issues and provide a solution that left the client with some ROI in the end.

Maxwell Solution

Our team did a full sweep of the client’s current system and created a personalized plan tailored to its needs. We decided to install the latest LED technologies in the lobbies and corridors and use induction lighting in the garage. Immediately, this solution illuminated all the areas to their full potential, while holding the integrity of the building in tact. The client also benefited from savings in the utility bill and maintenance costs.

Project Facts: Lighting Retrofit & Efficiency Upgrade

Annual Utility Savings48%
Annual Utility Savings$10,700.00
Annual Maintenance Savings$6,200.00
10-year Operating Savings$169,00.00

Solution: LED & Induction Lighting.

We were able to generate an increase in cash flow and supply the latest technology to increase long-term efficiency. An investment in Maxwell Lighting & Energy produces value beyond a well lit area and can lead to capital for future business needs.