Increase aesthetics, security and ROI

Increase aesthetics, security and ROI at your properties with a continuous stream of electrical and maintenance cost savings.

As a landlord responsible for lighting all common areas on your property, such as hallways, lobbies laundry rooms and parking lots, you know the costs involved and the effect on your bottom line. Fortunately, today's lighting technologies are improving rapidly, providing many cost-saving and aesthetic options. You can reduce your operating costs, increase your property’s asset value, and meet the demands of tenants for environmentally responsible housing options. How? By making your multifamily housing properties more energy efficient.

According to a recent study, energy efficiency improvements of up to 30% are both achievable and cost-effective across the multifamily housing sector.

Just a few interesting facts about the benefits and savings offered by an efficient lighting solution:

  • LED bulbs last between 25,000 to 50,000 hours; traditional incandescents last about 8,000 hours.
  • LEDs use 6 to 8 watts of energy; incandescents use about 60 watts of energy.
  • LEDs last at least 5 times as long (in some cases, a lifetime).
  • Most 60-watt-equivalent LED light bulbs cost less than $5 and are available in soft, warm, or bright hues.

In short, an effective lighting solution offers building owners lower energy bills, reduced maintenance costs, lower vacancy and turnover rates, and higher property value overall.

"Next-generation lighting fixtures ranked second-highest overall among multifamily professionals by return on investment." Multifamily Executive.