Touchstone Highbays

Touchstone Highbays

Maxwell Lighting & Energy creates solutions for client’s of any size. Large commercial / industrial properties demand constant time and resources to maintain good quality. This requires specific resources allocated to maintenance and management of the property at all times, which translates to large expenses for the client. Moreover, these properties are often riddled with outdated and inefficient lighting technologies that increase costs across the board. Generally, clients lack the time and resources to update the technology on their own. We provide the time and resources the client does not have to fix all these issues and drive costs down. Below features a case study example of a commercial / industrial property benefiting from our light solutions.

Client Issues

The client’s property operated on outdated high-wattage metal halide fixtures that consumed an excessive amount of energy. The utility bill constantly exceed what the client wanted to spend for each month. They seeked us out to create an investment for new lighting solution that would generate an ROI in the short term.

Maxwell Solution

Excessive output was a product of outdated lighting technology and unmonitored consumption abuse. To ensure this problem would not happen again, we analyzed the output needs of the client to function appropriately and developed a solution using modern tech. We used LED lighting and motion sensors to optimize the property. The new lighting illuminated the facility significantly more than the old bulbs, while also reducing utility cost by providing a more efficient lighting source. The motion sensors are used as a management tool that dims lighting during off-hours and is a hands free system that limits electrical consumption.

As shown in Table below, this solution was able to increase savings for the client and provide financial incentives that ultimately increase cash flow for the business and allowed the client to prosper.

Project Facts: Lighting Retrofit & Efficiency Upgrade

Annual Utility Savings96%
Annual Utility Savings$16,235
Annual Maintenance Savings$1,026
10 Year Operating Savings$172,610
PECO Rebates$2,762

Solution: LED Lighting and Occupancy Sensors.

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