Origlio Beverage

Origlio Beverage

Maxwell Lighting & Energy creates solutions for client’s of any size. Large commercial / industrial properties demand constant time and resources to maintain good quality. This requires specific resources allocated to maintenance and management of the property at all times, which translates to large expenses for the client. Moreover, these properties are often riddled with outdated and inefficient lighting technologies that increase costs across the board. Generally, clients lack the time and resources to update the technology on their own. We provide the time and resources the client does not have to fix all these issues and drive costs down. Below features a case study example of a commercial / industrial property benefiting from our light solutions.

Client Issues

Origlio Beverage,  the largest beer distributor in Philadelphia, asked for Maxwell's help when it performed a major re-configuration of its refrigerated warehouse to accommodate its growing portfolio of craft beers.

Maxwell Solution

Maxwell's design substantially increased vertical foot-candles on the sides of the aisles so that the beer inventory labels could be more quickly and accurately located for scanning.
The LED lighting upgrade also improved safety, cut lighting energy usage, and helped reduce the HVAC cooling load since the LEDs run much cooler than the old inefficient lights.
Maxwell recommended an LED high bay product from Orion Energy Systems that is specifically designed for cold environments.
Origlio Beverage will consequently save a tremendous amount of money on lighting maintenance over the 10-year expected service life of the LED fixtures.

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