J.L. Freed Honda

J.L. Freed Honda

Maxwell Lighting & Energy identifies positive effects from lighting solutions for each client from any industry. Specifically for the automotive dealerships, our solutions will greatly impact the bottom line to help the business prosper. Investment in our high quality LED lights will provide a quick turnaround of profits from their ability to enhance products. Losing potential clients due to poor lighting of inventory is simply bad business. The best way showcase automotive inventory is providing a crisp, clear showcase that highlights every positive attribute. Below features a case study example of an automotive dealership benefiting from our light solutions.

Client Issues

The client operated with outdated lighting that caused power outages and lighting dead spots. This required an increase in maintenance and electric expenses to maintain some form of lighting to showcase their inventory. The problem was that the colors of the cars appeared washed out. Thus, not only were bills racking up, but inventory was harder to sell because the lighting diminished quality. To eliminate the burden of a technical issue, the client hired us to enact a lighting solution that would return their cash flow back to stability and set them up for the future.

Maxwell Solution

The client previously used metal halide, fluorescent and incandescent lighting for there property. An outdated resource that becomes more of a cost burden than expense of an investment. Our team carefully engineered a plan with modern lighting solutions by working closely with the client to meet their every need. We were able to produce savings across multiple business facets and qualify the client for rebates.

Project Facts: Lighting Retrofit & Efficiency Upgrade

Annual Utility Savings60%
Annual Utility Savings$48,919
Annual Maintenance Savings$27,972
10 Year Operating Savings$768,910
PECO Rebates$23,944

Solution: LED Lighting and Occupancy Sensors.

Using the latest LED technologies and occupancy sensors, we eliminated the maintenance and electric bill burden from the previous system. Bucket truck rentals, dead bulbs and frequent re-lamping were the immediate solutions for the client prior to using Maxwell Lighting & Energy. Our solution provide a stable lighting system that requires minimal attention due to the longevity of LED technologies.

The client is now able to showcase their inventory in ways unimaginable than before. The vibrant colors of the cars can now shine to the customer from the high-color temperature LED’s and not appear washed out. Ultimately, proper lighting for the client will provide profitable benefits instead of creating disadvantages for their inventory. Employees and resources can now focus on their main job of running the automotive dealership without having to allocate time to the burden of poor lighting.

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