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Our Process

Maxwell’s goal is to be your lighting department, valuing the costs of your projects, providing options for solutions, procurement, and more. Our turnkey packages for lighting management include quotations and submittals, value-engineered options, captures of tax and rebate incentives, product procurement and installation, warranty security, and testing for energy-efficient performance. We also offer supplemental lighting design to improve or better fit the projects into your unique space.

What to expect from Maxwell

Bring us your lighting design for your space with all requirements necessary. We’ll take your project and find the most cost-effective solution to fit your needs. We offer value-engineered options based on our experts’ knowledge and on-site experience that you can then choose from. You can expect solutions that are individually tailored to take into account your specific needs, because when we talk about lighting management, we mean everything from spacing to budget.

Lighting Management that includes the best solutions

Our team uses photometric layouts in the meantime to test our solutions on the computer before offering a mock-up of our proposed solution on a small scale–a real, on-site test to make sure that everything will work. We test for quality and energy-efficiency performance, and can offer supplemental lighting design assistance if any problems arise. 

Lighting Management that includes all necessary products

Once you have the solution you want, we’ll procure all necessary products from our trusted brands in the industry. We have strong relationships with many respected manufacturers that allow us to get all materials on time and within our clients’ budget. 

Worried about paperwork? Our project managers and logisticians can handle everything from leases to utility incentives to federal tax deductions to warranties. We are your one-stop shop, with specialized expertise that our clients rely on to handle that pesky paperwork.