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Parking Lots & Garages

Well-planned lighting that increases safety

Whether it’s a parking lot for public use at a retail store, a private garage for a multifamily residence, or a carpark for an airport, parking garage lighting plays a large role in maintaining the safety and comfort of these areas. A well-lit parking lot can cut down on the overall number of incidents that could occur, improve the safety of guests, customers, and the general public. Even something as simple as a local parking lot in a city or outside of a community park should have good lighting to increase comfort and improve visibility.

Materials designed for parking garage & parking lot lighting

Maxwell Lighting & Energy has a wide range of experience in providing lighting solutions for a range of parking lots, garages, and car parks for an even wider range of applications and uses. We use our past experience and our expertise to collaborate with each of our customers, and determine a design that fits their unique needs. Using photometric layouts and feasibility analyses, we’ll ensure that the design will not only work as intended, but also will meet budget requirements. Depending on the circumstances, we can also produce free, small-scale mock-ups that will mimic the final design to ensure that the lighting materials work specifically for parking garage lighting. 

Once you are satisfied with the design, we’ll ensure that we procure the necessary materials to make it a reality. We pull on an extensive and trusted pool of lighting brands to get the best products designed for parking garage lighting and get them at competitive prices.

Our team will handle any returns, warranties, orders, incentives, and deduction eligibility paperwork as well. We know how difficult these can be to navigate, and our experts will walk with you each step of the way to ensure that everything is completed on time and correct the first time around.

Maxwell is your lighting department, whether it’s parking garage lighting or lighting for a 5-star hotel. Everything we do is to ensure that you receive the best possible lighting products at excellent prices. From energy and cost savings to improved aesthetics, we’ll capture it all in a way that meets the needs of your specific project, no matter how complex.

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