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Increase Aesthetics, Security, and ROI at your properties

As a landlord responsible for lighting all common areas on your property, such as hallways, lobbies, laundry rooms, and parking lots, you know the energy costs involved and the effect on your bottom line. Maxwell is here to offer you advanced multifamily lighting solutions through improved technologies, while saving you money and offering aesthetic options where you need them. 

Recent Projects

The Harper Apartments

Philadelphia, PA

The Terrace

Philadelphia, PA

Kelly Drive Apts

Philadelphia, PA

The Gailbraith

Dallas, TX

Avery Oaks Apts

Austin, TX

New construction or major renovations

Ground-up construction or gut renovations are an excellent time to take advantage of the new lighting technologies available, especially in affordable and durable tape lighting, specialized optics, dynamic color-changing lights, simple and programmable controls, and more. Whether you just need to light up a parking lot or you want to set a more dramatic mood in a lobby or common space, your options are nearly endless when you work with us. Effective multifamily lighting solutions offer building owners lower energy bills, reduced maintenance costs in the long run, lower vacancy and turnover rates, and higher property value overall.

Improve your multifamily lighting with retrofits or upgrades

“Next-generation lighting fixtures ranked second-highest overall among multifamily professionals by return on investment.” – Multifamily Executive magazine

You can easily reduce your operating costs and energy use just through the use of retrofits, especially with the wide variety of options for LED lamps and fixtures available. Many conventional lighting products can be replaced one-for-one with equivalent LEDs that maintain the design intent of the space while offering a more energy efficient solution that’s ideal for multifamily lighting. 

LED lighting tends to last at least three times as long as traditional incandescents, while requiring less energy and costing much less to buy upfront as well. They also come in various hues, such as soft, warm, or bright, so that you can customize the lighting based on the mood you want to set.

Using LED lighting and controls, you will reduce energy consumption, increase your property’s asset value, and meet the demands of your tenants for safety, comfort, and environmentally responsible housing. Many tenants cite “good lighting” as a primary indicator of overall property quality, and there is an increasing body of science that shows good visual comfort does enhance one’s health and well-being.

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