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Turnkey solutions for industrial lighting

Maxwell Lighting & Energy offers efficient lighting designs for a wide range of industrial spaces. Using careful analysis, we will identify the areas of your space that require high lighting so that we can save energy by not wasting light on areas not heavily trafficked. Once a design has been agreed on, our team will handle all the industrial lighting material procurement, pulling on our extensive supply chain to find the right materials at the best prices for you. We focus on the details that count, ensuring that workspaces and areas with constant foot traffic are well lit.

We are here to be your lighting department, with an integrated business model that offers customers turnkey lighting solutions, financing, energy efficiency, rebate administration, and high quality results. Maxwell has all the necessary experience to ensure that you receive cost-effective and high-performance industrial lighting that not only saves you money but also reduces your energy consumption. Our team will work with you from start to finish. We’ll offer small-scale mock-ups of the design to ensure that it will work as intended before the final products are installed. Our team will conduct financial analyses to ensure the design is feasible and efficient before the materials are procured as well. We’ll handle rebates, Federal tax deductions and other energy incentives.

Why choose Maxwell?

Our core commitment is to provide the best possible lighting solutions to our customers.

We keep your best interests in mind in all aspects of our business, from procurement of advanced lighting solutions to on-time delivery. We strive to build collaborative relationships with our clients with a primary focus on accommodating your specific needs.

Maxwell Lighting & Energy has a proven background of implementing superior industrial lighting solutions for a wide range of businesses and industrial spaces. We work closely with your architects, your construction manager, COO, CFO, CEO, facilities manager, or other team members to supply a lighting solution that meets the needs of your building. Show off your space with style and professionalism with exceptional lighting that shows what you’re capable of.

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