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Light is the key to your success!

Professional designs are an essential part of the hospitality lighting market. Quality lighting solutions bring comfort and safety to parking lots, common areas, dining spaces, guest rooms, halls, and everything in between, improving guest satisfaction and even employee productivity. 

Maxwell Lighting & Energy offers quality and cost-effective lighting solutions to our partners in hospitality, allowing them to benefit, not just from greater guest satisfaction, but also reduced lighting costs and maintenance. From feasibility analysis through design and beyond, Maxwell is here to provide you with the best lighting at an affordable price.

The benefits of professionally designed hospitality lighting

In addition to the obvious advantages of a beautifully and effectively lit property in regard to appearance and marketability, a professionally designed hospitality lighting solution also offers some other very tangible benefits.

Environmental Impact

Less is always better, whether it’s less energy consumption, less costs, or less maintenance. The increased versatility of LED lighting has made it a much more cost-effective choice compared to traditional lighting, especially in the long run. According to the Department of Energy, LED energy-efficient light bulbs last 3-25x longer than traditional light bulbs and use 25%-80% less energy. This allows you to keep your business well-lit without increasing its footprint on the environment.

Economic Benefits

In addition to the various rebates given for installing energy-efficient lighting, there are also federal tax deductions and utility rebates available for commercial facility owners who choose to install sustainable hospitality lighting throughout their buildings, whether newly constructed or under renovation.

Increased Savings 

The costs of upgrading your facility with energy-efficient lighting can be recouped in as little as a two-year period, and the financial benefit of such an investment brings with it an exceptional ROI that will continue over the life of the system.

Improved Safety

Safety around your property is imperative. High-quality lighting can cut down on the overall number of incidents that may occur, improve safety, reduce potential liability and increase margins, all at the same time.

Increased Asset Value

An Energy Star study determined that for every $1 a company invests into energy efficiency, there’s the potential that their asset value will increase by at least $3! Solid proof that an efficient lighting solution is not only beneficial, but also more than pays for itself in the long run.

Recent Projects

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