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Proving Solutions In These Markets and More

Maxwell Lighting & Energy offers expert lighting solutions for a wide range of markets, providing our customers with personalized service and solutions to suit their unique needs regardless of the space. We are well-informed on the lighting needs of the following markets and their related sectors.


We offer cost-effective and energy efficient solutions to landlords looking to light common areas on their properties, from lobbies to parking lots.


Lighting is the key to success in the hospitality market, and our partners not only receive quality lighting solutions, but also greater customer satisfaction, lower lighting costs, and reduced maintenance.


Maxwell Lighting & Energy develops efficient and effective lighting for industrial spaces, focusing on energy efficiency and savvy layouts that provide excellent lighting where it’s needed rather than wasting time and energy on where it’s not.

Commercial Office

We offer expert analyses and layouts that will help you lease your office spaces and showcase your buildings, while simultaneously protecting your margins and increasing your cash flow.


At Maxwell, we know how to create a lighting ambience that helps you sell your product, showcase your merchandise, and enhance your customers’ experience.

Parking Lots & Garages

Lighting plays an important role in the safety of parking lots and garages. We’ll develop a layout that improves the safety of your parking lot, while staying with your budget requirements.

We work for you

Regardless of the space you need lit, Maxwell Energy & Lighting is your lighting department. We not only manage our wide network of trusted material suppliers–we capture all available utility rebates and tax reductions to maximize your investment and lower the cost of your project. You won’t have to worry about wasting time on the paperwork because our experts are here to handle it for you, allowing you to focus on your business. From feasibility analysis through the design stage to the final installation and beyond, we are here to meet your unique lighting needs, save you money, reduce the hassle, and provide you with a collaborative partner in the industry.

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