Balancing Quality with Value: How Maxwell Reduces Material Construction Costs for our Customers

One of the larger expenses–and the most important part of any lighting project–is the actual material sourcing and construction. Each project that Maxwell takes on is unique, whether in its aesthetic requirements, the need for durability, and the budget. Over the years, we’ve found that a lot of developers don’t have a comprehensive understanding of how lighting materials are priced and purchased, how to go about choosing between retail over wholesale, finding a trustworthy supplier, and much more. And that’s where we come in. 

Maxwell acts as the lighting department of our partners, an extension of their own company. Our goal is to guide our partners so that they buy proactively–and don’t just pay retail prices. Buying through your contractor network is the more traditional way to go. In doing so, you are essentially purchasing this material at retail prices. However, retail prices are extremely high, so developers pay a high premium. 

To help counteract these high costs, Maxwell has a large network of lighting fixtures and control manufacturers that allow our partners to receive high quality materials at competitive prices. This allows us to find manufacturers that don’t pose a risk in quality or costs to our customers. We thoroughly vet each lighting brand, but generally remain what we call ‘manufacturer agnostic’. In our experience, constraining vendor relationships can come at an expense to our clients, so we cultivate strong relationships with a wide range of trusted brands and respected manufacturers. 

We strive to save our partners money throughout the project, giving them cheaper options that are quicker to assemble and install, while still meeting whatever aesthetic requirements are necessary. Our goal is not just to offer solutions, but also to provide education–we want to help our partners learn how to find the best products, what goes into lighting materials construction and pricing–from the energy consumption required to maintain them to the materials that make up the lights themselves.

Maxwell Lighting & Energy is here to be your lighting department, providing expert guidance and solutions for lighting materials and controls for a wide range of applications. Check out our website to learn more about how we can help you.