Maxwell Lighting and Energy will provide the lighting department missing from your business operations. Our mission is simple: deliver cost-effective, expert lighting solutions through personal service, and professional quality products and services. We implement a customer-centric plan to provide a specific value tailored to the client needs. Emphasizing our mission in each step of the process will ensure our clients are well-informed and confident when implementing new lighting solutions. Our turn-key packages offer specialized expertise at any time to assist the client with the design, product procurement, installation and maintenance of premium lighting products that reduce energy consumption, eliminate waste and offer significant cost savings.

Operating out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania we provide scalable solutions that function regionally, and nationally. Our solutions are accessible for architectural, commercial, industrial, and residential lighting. We employ an experienced team of designers, project managers, logisticians and installers that will work and consult on sizeable projects for new construction and national accounts down to smaller projects for simple remodels and comprehensive retrofits. We will create the same customer-centered plan for every client, no matter the location or the project size. 

Maxwell Lighting and Energy handles each client differently because each client is unique. We strive to develop a relationship with the client to become the go-to resource for all lighting solutions. Ultimately, our success has compiled a list of viable references that reassure our customer-oriented model works when executing innovative lighting solutions.

Why Choose Maxwell Lighting & Energy

Maxwell Lighting & Energy enables each client to have an in-house lighting department that creates solutions that elevate business operations and provide modern technology to increase electrical efficiency. Our experienced team will work hand in hand with the client to identify every lighting and energy problem the client has. Then a personalized plan is offered to the client with each incentive highlighted. Using photometric layouts we are able to utilize modern technology to give the client the best lighting solution possible. Next, our competitive pricing benefits from access to  wholesale supply of products from an array of vendors, eliminating the high retail costs of products! The client is then given a free trial of “mock-up” lighting solutions in small areas showcasing our modern LED lighting. The client will know if our technology suits their needs before paying for anything. 

Once our LED technologies showcase bright illuminated areas and we enact the full plan, economic benefits will soon follow after. Our solutions create efficient systems that provide savings in multiple facets and Federal, State, and private incentives, such as rebates and tax breaks. These incentives will generate an increase in cash flow to allow the client to delegate money elsewhere. We are here to provide a long-term solution that eliminates lighting headaches and create an ROI in every project. 

Free trials 

  • “Try before you buy”
  • This is how we ensure project success
  • Lighting up a small area as a “mock-up” allows all stakeholders to provide input

Project financing that increases net operating income

  • Off-balance sheet business leases
  • No out-out-of-pocket costs
  • Often cash-flow positive from Day 1

Financial Incentives (for which we do all the paperwork)

  • Utility incentives for reducing KWH consumption
  • PJM incentives for permanent load reduction in Kw terms
  • Federal tax deductions for energy efficiency

Wholesale pricing negotiated for you

  • We work for you, the owner
  • We leverage our volume purchasing power
  • You have been paying fallacious prices for years – but Maxwell will negotiate the best pricing

Photometric layouts 

  • 3D color renderings
  • Vertical and horizontal foot-candle levels


Please feel free to contact us and we will respond shortly